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Luxurious and undeniably modern, Onaifa’s 925 sterling silver lapel pins are the most versatile accessory for modern men.

Men’s lapel pins have become very trendy. They are now considered a sign of a fashion-forward modern man. You can completely transform your attire simply by attaching an eye-catching lapel pin for suit. It will give your look a complete makeover. Buy designer lapel pin online at Onaifa was a quick makeover.

Onaifa is redefining Brooches with enamel work in stunning 925 sterling silver pins. The urbane design makes Onaifa’s Brooches a wardrobe essential that can be worn with any outfit of your choice. A lapel pin can bring together your whole outfit, or signify a special moment. Lapel pin for suit also makes for a joyful gift. Buy precious silver Brooch online and gift it to your loved ones.

Onaifa’s silver lapel pins can be worn with blazers, traditional kurtas, and even with casual attire. Explore the Men’s accessory collection to find lapel pins for different occasions. Go for the Triumph Lapel pin set or the minimal but impactful World Peace Lapel pin. Wear whatever expresses your individual style.

Buy sterling silver lapel pin online at Onaifa for everyday luxury.