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An Amalgamation of Modern Aesthetics and Traditional Methods

All About Onaifa

The Arabic word ‘Onaifa’ translates to sophistication and quality, which we define through our premium jewellery. Onaifa is an international luxury precious jewellery brand based in India, with designs that are inspired by the colours of the Mediterranean. The jewellery showcases a sense of understated glamour and playful elegance, while offering versatile, high quality, everyday luxury to women worldwide. Our jewellery is created from precious metals, gemstones, pearls, diamonds that are sourced internationally and cut to our own specifications.

Onaifa is the type of Jewellery that makes you feel good, really good, like vacation good: happy, carefree, relaxed and of course, high glamour and sophistication, with a touch of playfulness.

Our Collections are easily wearable from day to night and created with the vision to be part of your daily ritual. Women wear jewellery differently these days – They want something they can just put on in the morning and go about their day in — our jewellery looks fantastic whether you wear it with jeans, a fabulous dress, or a chic suit.x

Finding Our Inspiration

Do you long for family heirloom jewellery from a hundred years ago? Is heritage jewellery a fantasy for you? Not everyone is blessed with the joy of owning heritage jewellery, and there is little chance of finding luxury silver jewellery online. Hence, our team at Onaifa resolved to bring together traditional heritage jewellery with modern designs in an artisanal union. And we used the metal that defines sophistication and class - Silver! Our premium silver gold plated jewellery comes in elegant traditional designs that incorporate bold, present-era artistic expressions. And it is suitable in today’s time because it defines the very essence of silver designer jewellery in India.

Sharing Our Side of Story

An idea as unique as ours needs perfect execution. The idea of blending age-old traditional craftsmanship with voguish jewellery isn’t something that hasn’t been thought of. However, our approach is unique in its rationality towards the making of sterling silver jewellery. We are grateful for our craftsmen who are the reason for the success of our ideas of luxury silver jewellery online. Their inspirational craft has made the Onaifa story incredible. We have created a versatile, glamorous jewellery selection that will make each day and every occasion phenomenal for you.

Making a Difference

Not only are we accomplishing the rare task of merging the past and the present styles of jewellery making, but Onaifa is also different because our creations embody the idea of jewellery for all events in a lifetime. With the love of premium silver jewellery that we hold, we want women to feel confident when they step out of their comfort zone, and we have tried it with our silver jewellery for women online following the latest jewellery trends. We believe in commitment to our customers, and our jewellery comes with a BIS hallmark to gain that trust. We bring out jewellery designs in pure silver that are authentic, and we promise a product that is genuine and will make you trust our platform.

Designs With Stories

Our designs are unique and rare, and so are the stories they tell. We believe that each woman has a story, and if you find any relatability in our designs, you will find your match in our silver jewellery for women. From your workday to ladies’ night out, from a brunch date to an exotic vacation, our collection has everything for you. Whether you want something that defines free-spirited, or committed, or the coy girl next door, Onaifa has something for everyone.

Our Heroes: Our Craftsmen

The real talent behind the prominence of Onaifa is that of our artisans. They add value to the designs that you place your trust in. With present era designs, this lifestyle jewellery will subtly blend in with your wardrobe. Today, you might be going out to rule a boardroom or to casually run errands; our craft is all about making you feel confident and comfortable with yourself. We aim to help you make a mark with your presence with our impressive and ornate collection of silver designer jewellery. You will achieve a level of excellence with our limited glamorous jewellery selection that is made of premium quality silver. So if you are looking for silver jewellery for women, Onaifa is your one-stop solution for fine jewellery online.