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Chic 925 Sterling Silver Tri-Petal Shine earrings, plated with white Rhodium for a refined look and embellished with precious crystals

Onaifa’s Silver Tri-Petal Shine earrings embody nature’s wonderful creations- flowers- in 925 Sterling Silver. Bold yet elegant in design, the Silver Stone earrings will turn heads everywhere. Adorned with precious crystals that sparkle, the silver crystal earrings will remind you of the scenic beauty of nature. Rhodium-plated for a luxurious finish, Onaifa’s Tri-Petal Shine earrings make an iconic style statement.


Earrings - Silver Tri-Petal Shine Earrings

  • Silver: 925 Sterling Silver, Cadmium-free
  • Plating details: white rhodium
  • Certification/Hallmark: BIS Hallmarked
  • Dimensions: 18.1 height, 11.4 width
  • Stone Details: Precious Crystals

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