Time For Jewellery Care Routine

Jewellery Care Routine
When you take a look at your jewels, you know they need a good cleaning every other day. Your precious stones get tarnished and lose their shine if you don’t take care of them. Much like your skin and hair, your precious jewellery needs a care routine. Here is a lesson on how to take care of your jewellery.

925 Sterling Silver Jewellery Care

If you are obsessed with your pure sterling silver jewellery, you must know that this timeless metal is radiant because of its luminous shine and versatile look. And it is disappointing to see the surface of beautiful designs tarnished. Therefore, here are some silver jewellery care tips for you to follow. You must take a close look at your sterling silver jewellery pieces and keep them dry. Keeping them in proper storage will help you take care of the stunning shine.
Also, when you remove your jewellery pieces, you must keep them away from strong chemicals and external harshness. Make sure you get them polished regularly.

Gold Polished Jewellery Care

When your jewellery is polished with gold, you would want the lustre to remain intact. And it takes only a tinge of care to maintain it. There are a few ways in which you can take care of your gold-plated silver jewellery. You should avoid spraying perfume while you are wearing gold-plated silver jewellery as it can bring down the gold lustre. Also, let your moisturiser and body lotion dry before you wear your jewellery on. Always clean up your jewellery after using it with a dry cotton ball.

Rhodium Polished Jewellery Care

If you want a finished product with uniform polish, rhodium plated jewellery is your pick. This highly reflective metal is not easily corroded. But everything needs its share of care regardless of how brilliant it is. To keep rhodium jewellery lustrous and squeaky clean, you need to keep it away from excess water and harsh chemicals. They might react with the jewellery pieces, and reduce their shine.

Swarovski Stones And Pearls Care

Cleaning of Swarovski crystals and Pearl jewellery is a delicate matter. If you don’t handle them with care, you might end up ruining them. To start with the care routine for your Swarovski Stones and Pearl jewellery set, you need to store them separately. Do not mix them with other metallic jewellery.
Also, avoid using harsh cleaners for these precious stones as they can tarnish their natural sparkle.

Kundan Jewellery Care

Kundan sets are such a favourite among Indians that everyone owns at least one set! The beauty that Kundan holds is rare and captivating. Whether we talk about Vermeil jewellery or Kundan Polki jewellery, they all need special care. You don’t want to lose the lustre that they possess. When you start to clean a Kundan silver set, take a piece of aluminium foil and put it in a bowl. Add lukewarm water along with baking soda to the bowl, and let your jewellery pieces soak in. You can take them out after some time and clean them up with a soft toothbrush.