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Health Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewellery

Health Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewellery

Apr 08, 2021


You can dress up any look with Sterling Silver Jewellery. You are familiar with the exceptional brilliance and grandeur of silver jewellery, but do you know about the health benefits of wearing silver jewellery? Do you know why silver was used in making utensils in ancient India? Did you know that Indian Silver jewellery is the most commonly used metal for gifting purposes?

The metal Silver has huge health benefits which have been seen across being incorporated into several cultures for centuries. This article will help you explore the many health benefits of wearing silver jewellery and the science behind it all. 

  • Silver can protect you from electromagnetic radiation

Silver is known to prevent electromagnetic radiation from entering the body. This is very helpful as we are often exposed to devices such as microwaves and metal detectors that can emit harmful electromagnetic waves. At such times, your Onaifa 925 Silver Jewellery will not only complement your outfit, but will also protect you from harmful radiations.

  • Silver has anti-bacterial properties

The metal Silver has the miraculous property of fighting against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Research has proven that Silver metal can neutralize over 500 harmful bacteria and fungi that can cause skin infections, allergies, and other harmful reactions. Another added benefit of wearing Silver Jewellery is that, unlike fungicidal creams, silver metal is not known to have allergic reactions, and it looks fabulous on everyone!

  • Silver is good for your mental health

Silver emits positive energy vibrations that help reduce the anxiety and tension of the wearer. Silver metal boosts the energy levels of the wearer and helps in concentrating better. The vibrations from silver are known to help you focus, and can therefore be very helpful in focusing during meditation. Meditation can help you manage your stress levels in very effective ways. Wearing a piece of Silver chain jewellery will go a long way. You can even add a crystal pendant to your 925 sterling silver chain to magnify the positive vibrations and look trendy.

  • Silver reduces arthritis risk

The anti-inflammatory properties of Silver metal help reduce the chances of arthritis which is caused by inflammation of nerves and bone joints. Wearing bracelets and anklets of sterling silver can reduce the chances of arthritis effectively.

  • Silver regulates body temperature

Silver helps in blood circulation and also facilitates the regulation of body temperature. Many people have experienced improved energy levels after wearing silver as a result of better regulation of internal body heat. A cooling effect is a natural property of silver jewellery. Now you know that your summer look is incomplete without a glamorous piece of Sterling Silver jewellery to balance the effect of hot summertime.

  • Silver removes toxins from your body

Silver metal acts as a purifier and can protect you from toxins. Silver Jewellery can absorb toxins from your skin, which is partially why it changes its color. You can also use silver metal to test the toxicity of your surroundings. You will always be safe with Sterling silver jewellery! It is also known to boost the immunity of the wearer.

Now that you know all this, you can go ahead and invest in 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery online. It is one of the most versatile jewellery options available in the markets with an endless number of designs and products to choose from! And it is so easy to maintain as it comes with its own care instructions.