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Is Cadmium Making your Jewellery Lethal?

Is Cadmium Making your Jewellery Lethal?

Apr 26, 2021


Cadmium is a hard silver-white metal. It is toxic in nature and it can cause severe damage to your health on exposure. Most of the cadmium is sourced from zinc byproducts and recovered from spent nickel-cadmium batteries. Cadmium jewellery is easily available in markets at low prices in the form of cadmium mixed silver products.

Cadmium is added to alloys used to make jewellery to impart specific technical and functional attributes to the metals. Cadmium is a radioactive metal, often used in the process of electroforming for gold-plating of jewellery.

Cadmium jewellery might seem cheaper, but it comes at the cost of your well-being

Cadmium is often used as a cheaper alternative to metals like silver or gold which are used to make more expensive jewellery. Cheaper metals such as lead or cadmium can cause severe allergic reactions and are even toxic in nature. Pure Silver Jewellery sold by Onaifa, on the other hand, might be slightly more expensive but it is completely safe for you. Cadmium mixed silver products might seem cheaper, but they come at the cost of your well-being.

Invest in trusted jewellery brands for safe jewellery!

With cadmium jewellery flooding cheap jewellery markets, investing in safe and trusted jewellery brands has never been more important than it is now! Onaifa offers a surprising amount of variations and designs so there is something for everyone.

If cadmium is making your jewellery lethal, then why is it being used in the jewellery making industry?

Why is cadmium used in jewellery?

After the use of lead was banned in jewellery making, manufacturers turned to using cadmium in silver jewellery. Cadmium jewellery might shine more than other kinds, but cadmium is far more dangerous than any other metal used in the jewellery industry. This silver white metal is cheaply available, but causes irreparable damage to your body.

Cadmium was preferred because it added mass and weight to jewellery. This silver-white metal also provided a shiny finish that people are attracted to in cadmium jewellery.

Also, the melting point of this hard silver-white metal is much lower than the melting points of other metals used in jewellery making. Therefore the use of cadmium has low energy requirements for melting the metal into shape. 

Due to all this, cadmium-free jewellery becomes costlier.

Is Cadmium-free jewellery burning a hole in your pocket? We are here to help!

It is easy to give in to the temptation buying cheap jewellery if you are trying to look good while on a budget. This might prove to be a dangerous habit as cheap jewellery contains high cadmium content. 

Good news, Onaifa lets you treat yourself and your loved ones to opulent pieces of cadmium-free jewellery without making a dent in your savings! 

Why is cadmium dangerous?

Research has found that Cadmium is known to accumulate in the kidneys. This may lead to kidney disease or kidney failure, high blood pressure, and heart disorders. Deposition of cadmium also leads to calcium deficiencies in the body. In extreme cases, cadmium may cause severe bone and joint pain.

Side-effects of exposure to cadmium include:

  • Weakening of bone and joints, often leading to fractures
  • Irreparable damage to the immune system
  • Uncontrollable vomiting, and diarrhea
  • Reproductive disorders, failure, and infertility
  • Kidney malfunction
  • It could cause cancer.

If you have come in contact with cadmium mixed silver products, your blood and urine could have traces of cadmium. A complete blood and urine test will be able to diagnose cadmium exposure.

Exposure to cadmium in silver jewellery in any way, either through inhalation or through contact with the skin (dermal), poses a great risk to your health.

Onaifa manufactures jewellery that is a treat for your eyes, and is safe for your health.

Researchers show that wearing pure silver has many proven health benefits so in a way, when you gift someone Onaifa’s 925 silver jewellery, you also give them the gift of health! Onaifa’s cadmium-free silver jewellery makes for a thoughtful gift. Commemorate bonds of love and friendships with jewellery that is safe for you. From buying jewellery for a friend who is getting married to buying tokens of appreciation for your coworkers and office employees, Onaifa’s affordable and versatile designs are the way to go when it comes to gifting solutions.   

To be safe, avoid any potential forms of exposure to cadmium because this metal can stay in your body for a very long time and cause irreparable damage. Don’t be fooled by its shine, say no to cadmium jewellery. 

Many people resort to buying cheap jewellery for its contemporary and trendy designs. This is a dangerous habit which might lead to cadmium exposure. But with Onaifa, you can follow the latest fashion trends without buying cheap cadmium jewellery. Onaifa combines the reliability of traditional craftsmanship with modern silver designs. It offers a wide range of designs at affordable rates. 

Onaifa believes that you are precious and just like you, your jewellery needs are unique!

Now that you know why it is very important to invest in cadmium-free silver jewellery, place your order at Onaifa without any worries. It is always better to be safe than sorry. 

Onaifa maintains transparency about cadmium content, and prides itself for selling jewellery that is completely free of cadmium and BIS hallmarked that ensures your safety and trust in the brand.

Buy pure silver jewellery that has zero cadmium content. Head to the shop page and start adding your favorite jewellery pieces to your collection. Safe and happy shopping!